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Toothed belts and pulleys are of major importance in synchronous drives based on flexible components.
These components enable problems to be overcome efficiently and very economically, problems that would otherwise require the use of kinematic motion gearing or transmissions with articulated link chains.
In fact, the performance provided by synchronous belt drives is analogous to the characteristic performance of both chains and gearing however belts and pulleys by comparison have additional advantages deriving from their structural features.
This evident versatility in application is essentially due to the ope-rating characteristics that are common to all toothed belt synchro-nous drives, and they can be summarised as follows:

  • Transmission of absolute asynchronous motion due to the com plete absence of slipping.
  • Regular and constant motion, since the toothed belt is free from polygonal winding and the consequent speed variation typical of chain transmissions.
  • Non-extendable belt that transmits the motion without significant stretching and therefore without lost motion.
  • Moderate assembly pre-10sion, since adhesion is not required between the belt and the pulley.
  • Minimum radial load on the shafts and on the bearings.
  • High capacity to transmit power and high torques at low speed.
  • Silent running, good performance, minimum overall dimensions and limited maintenance requirements.

The quality of synchronous transmission depends to an equal ex-10t on the characteristics of both the belt and the pulley, which therefore must comply with demanding design and construction criteria.
EVER-POWER Pulley Group avails of the technical collaboration of the most qualified manufacturers of belts worldwide and produces the Company‘s complete range of toothed pulleys in compliance with current Standards, but implementing a series of adjustments designed to improve the matching characteristics with the belt.

Pilot Bore Timing Pulley XL037

Pilot Bore Timing Pulley L050

Pilot Bore Timing Pulley L075

Pilot Bore Timing Pulley L100

Pilot Bore Timing Pulley H075

Pilot Bore Timing Pulley H100

Pilot Bore Timing Pulley H150

Pilot Bore Timing Pulley H200

Pilot Bore Timing Pulley H300

Pilot Bore Timing Pulley XH200

Pilot Bore Timing Pulley XH300

Pilot Bore Timing Pulley XH400

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