China best Low Backlash Gearbox near me factory

Ever-Power are 1 of China leading suppliers of low backlash gearboxes. Our range includes low backlash planetary gearboxes from Ever-Power, the manufacturer of the world’s first precision planetary gearbox. Utilising cutting edge engineered technology they are high quality, very efficient and excellent value for money.

Our low backlash planetary gearboxes are suitable for many applications including industrial, energy aerospace and simulation. Their increased power density improves motor capacity utilisation and enables their use in even more dynamic processes.

Benefits of Low Backlash GearboxesLow Backlash Worm Gearbox2

The features & benefits of our low backlash planetary gearboxes include:

High power density, low backlash and high torsional rigidity

Flexible, variable systems consisting of several innovative components

Maximised speeds and improved positioning accuracy offers maximum compact precision

Higher output torques and output speeds and with a larger range of ratios

Versatile installation where the gearheads can be installed vertically, horizontally or with the output facing upwards or downwards

Simple to install motor with integrated thermal length compensation as an option

Gearheads of low backlash worm gearboxes run smoothly with a much quieter operation

Extremely long life span